The Strategy Inside Everything

In each episode, Adam discusses events in pop-culture, business, fiction, sports - even politics to uncover the strategy behind the action. Adam speaks with founders, authors, journalists, CEOs, marketers and yes - strategists about the things they love and what they know that others don't.

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Latest Episodes

Farrah Bostic on The Strategy Inside Everything
Farrah Bostic goes walkabout.

Farrah Bostic, Founder and Strategy Director at The Difference Engine, makes the first repeat appearance on The Strategy Inside Everything. This time, she’s accompanied by Haskell the wonder dog to talk about the ways living and observing the brand experience of our clients in-person leads to discovery and derived insights.

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Ryan Wallman Delusions of Brandeur
Ryan Wallman’s Delusions of Brandeur

The incredible Ryan Wallman joined me to talk about the inspiration for his new book, Delusions of Brandeur and the decisions he made to create a very different kind of marketing book. We also discuss evidence based marketing and his medical training.

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Aisha Hakim is holding the door open for women
Aisha Hakim is holding the door for other women.

When Aisha Hakim needed the perspective of another woman, she found out just how difficult that was to get. So she created it in Fellow, an app designed to create conditions for women in ad agencies to get advice from other females and maybe mentors. And she didn’t do it alone, her agency Venables Bell and Partners backed her and helped bring Fellow to life. This conversation focuses on the challenges of living through the construction stage of something you have the ultimate vision for.

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