You can trust Jasmine Bina

Jasmine Bina made time in her day (evening, actually) to talk about how people develop trust. She is the CEO of Concept Bureau. Oddly, we lived this out as I (tried to) earn Jasmine’s trust in real time during this chat. It’s both a wide-ranging and extremely focused talk that you are going to play more than once.

Show update and a special request

TLDListen: We’re changing the intro music and some things about the show. Adam Singer, who was a guest last season, told me the music was ridiculous and he wasn’t wrong. So we’re updating that.

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The Strategy Inside Everything is a labor of love. Each episode takes about 10 hours to produce, all in. I’ve never had paid ads on the show and I never intend to. I do it because I enjoy the conversations and the opportunity to have them – and what I’ve learned is that these kinds of conversations are helpful or entertaining to you, too! I’ll keep having these kinds of chats. Help us bring them to more listeners like you.