Yup, I saw this on Twitter and I want to give this a read.

About Specific: People take in information differently than ever. Our minds are full of information, full of brands that want in. We need solutions to problems, on demand. We don’t need more brand attributes to memorize. The way most global brands have grown is less and less likely to happen for smaller companies hoping to grow. The ladder has been pulled up.

Branding today takes a today mindset. The world has changed. Media has changed. Brands can learn more from observing pop culture. Understanding why memes travel, why we love hit songs. Why we watch movies. To do this, brands need to speak to their very best customer. Brands don’t have a chance at starting off huge out of the gate. They can only hope to influence a small number of people, even under optimal conditions. A brand talking in the right way to their specific customer can improve their odds for growth.

Specific looks at examples from pop culture along with growing brands and yes, ways global brands follow this sameness behavior. Readers will learn how brand, design, product, mythology, emotion, price, service and media work to communicate a brand to its absolute best customer.

Specific by Adam Pierno