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Teacher. Mentor. Strategist. Innovator. Author. All are terms you could use to identify Adam Pierno.

The highly caffeinated Pierno has introduced a variety of new tools to uncover real insights on customer habits, which he uses to build precise strategies for numerous client campaigns. He also has been instrumental in building change-driven cultures where he helps guide clients to ignore the change that won’t work and focus on the change that will.

Prior to his current role at Arizona State University and Founder of Specific Branding, Pierno leveraged his knowledge of consumer behavior to produce informed and effective campaigns for such national brands as Bona, Delta Air Lines, Dial Corporation, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Brands and Mercedes-Benz.

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His first book “Under Think It,” recently published through Amazon, delves into the foundational aspects of marketing strategy. He was inspired to pen this insightful guidebook to fill a void in strategy training curriculum. A noted speaker, Pierno delivers talks that get to the heart of the strategic challenge with insight and humor.

Adam has spent his career at small start-up agencies, the world’s largest and at Fortune 50s. Outside the office, Pierno enjoys relaxing with his wife and kids and claims to generate his best ideas while running.

When not working, thinking, parenting, coaching, running or speaking he’s hosting conversations on the podcast, The Strategy Inside Everything. and publishing his ongoing reasearch into the history of the Millennial Myth with collaborator Farrah Bostic on the In the Demo podcast.