To say that this has been a trying time for people is past cliché; it is becoming trite. What’s been interesting on the strategy front is a potential limit to what agencies and marketers in general have been squeezed into over the past 20 years. The evolution of powerful communications and project management technologies, combined with the reduction of revenue have long asked marketers to (say it with me) “Do more with Less.”

Year after year, quarter after quarter, staff reductions increasing timelines and ever more channels to keep full have stiffened this saying from a rallying cry into well, just crying. Added to the pressure, the new remote work structure for orgs that were not truly planning for it, and of course, the omni-present dread of the virus and our mortality.

I have seen people pull together and support one another in amazing ways. It’s inspiring. Somehow the group that is working is figuring out that the limit of how much we can really do, with an ever shrinking ‘less,’ is beginning to vocalize what all of this means, and seek relief.

I was lucky to have the fantastic Christina Garnett join me for a talk, in which we discuss finding that limit and how she’s addressed it.

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