As a host, I'm trying to make a show my listeners love and I'm trying

to make you sound good. Help me by doing your part before we chat. The rest is easy.

Audio - We use Zoom to record. It's amazing and very forgiving. But garbage in=garbage out. Meet me half way on sound quality

Minimize echo and reverb. Try to find a room that isn't full of glass, metal, tile and reflective surfaces. If light bounces off of a surface, so does sound.

TIP: Cover your desk or table with a blanket or towel

TIP: If you have to be in an echo chamber, pull down the shades over windows, hang towels or blankets where you can and stand canvases or cardboard in corners.

Microphones matter. I've been lax on this in the past an paid the price. You need an external mic, you can't just speak into your laptop (and for god's sake, not into your phone). In an absolute pinch, your smartphone headset will do ok, but isn't the best.

TIP: Mics are cheap, you don't need a $500 mic and I don't expect you to invest just to talk to me. You can get this, this or this from Amazon for under $50. You know you want one anyway.

TIP: Drink some water about 30-60 minutes before recording and have some on hand.

TIP: Avoid jangly jewelry or clothing that makes a lot of noise. Yes, you can hear it.

TIP: Turn off your phone and the notifications on your laptop. Good conversations come from focus. This is actually a life tip. You're welcome.

Prepare - I'm an extremely casual host. I normally don't send notes. But when I go on a show, I make notes of what I think I want to say. I come up with examples and find stories to share to make myself interesting to listen to. Takes an hour. Well worth it.

TIP: Sound like a fan. We've got 5,000+ listeners. They know the rhythm of the show, and they can tell when someone has never listened before. And they don't like it. I want you to be likable. Listen to a couple episodes before you come on. Subscribe. Give the show 5 stars. Leave a review.

Finally, we've got a great audience. They're into the show and they download to learn. My team and I promote the show (and you) like a lunatic. Reciprocate. Promote your appearance, retweet mentions, participate in the conversation. Play along. Doing so will help your show get to more ears and earn you invites to more shows (so you can make more use of that new microphone).

©2019 Adam Pierno