The Strategy Inside Everything

In each episode, Adam discusses events in pop-culture, business, fiction, sports - even politics to uncover the strategy behind the action. Adam speaks with founders, authors, journalists, CEOs, marketers and yes - strategists about the things they love and what they know that others don't.

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Latest Episodes

Signal repeater

What is your brand doing so customers are proud to show off your brand? When we make choices in the marketplace, we select on

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Nick Childs helps tell your story

Nick Childs is an incredible mind. Hear the episode at specific.substack.com/p/nick-childs-helps-tell-your-story Transcript of the episode here: Adam Pierno: Alright, welcome back to another episode

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List of episodes, by guest:
Ana Andjelic, Jack Appleby, Jay Baer, Alex Berger, Shann Biglione, Jasmine Bina, John Burke, Professor David Carroll, Julian Cole, Melanie Deziel, Aaron Dignan, Nir Eyal, Tom Goodwin, Kevin Holesh, Mike Jones, Gareth Kay, Brad Kim, Kit Krugman, Darian LaBeach, Tim Leake, Taylor Lorenz, David Matathia, Rachel Mercer, Ana Milicevic, Mike Monello, Tom Morton, Angela Natividad, Grant Owens, Shannon Pfeffer, Mark Pollard, Eaon Pritchard, Ben Rock, Kevin Rothermel, Ian Schafer, Rob Schwartz, Richard Shotton, Adam Singer, Ian Sohn, Frank Speiser, Keith Stoekeler, Eric S. Thomas, Willem Van de Horst, Hallie Wright

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