The Specific Deliverables

Now that you have the background, here’s how the Specific Methodology comes to life inside your organization.

What it looks like in practice

Brands that work in the Specific Methodology can engage in any or all three of the core steps above. Each step yields a unique deliverable that is actionable on its own through internal teams or consulting partners. 

I. Audience segmentation

This report is an audit of your internal data to separate your specific customers from the others, and determine what about your offering draws this group. Web analytics, sales data, social performance, media and geographic factors are layered to present a clear case for your best customer and hypotheses about why. Audience segmentation can be executed for a single offering or across a portfolio. 

The Specific Audience Segmentation is the document that identifies your best customer and presents the data support to prove it, along with the indicators your organization should be monitoring to identify the health of this customer segment.  

II. Customer context report

Because a brand is a promise, it is helpful to make it to a person rather than a segment. We take all the data about your specific customers and create a rich customer persona. Unlike traditional customer avatars, the Customer context provides a depth of detail that illustrates their place and engagement in an array of media, internet communities and pop culture. It’s compelling, it’s actionable, it’s data-supported.

The Specific Customer Context Report is a single point of truth that can be shared across your organization and vendor ecosystem so each team can map their plans to the specific preferences of the best customers. 

III. Environmental trend scan

How do you build a plan without knowing the terrain? The environmental trend scan is a thorough examination of everything you need to plan for marketing in the new media reality. We research your offerings and brand themes across the internet to reveal how competitors behave, find new indirect competitors for your best customers, and uncover opportunities to connect with your specific customer. 

The Environmental Trend Scan is the presentation that informs your marketing plan by outlining established and novel media that will be most effective and presenting blue ocean for your brand and communications. 

How we work

Every organization has a unique collection of resources and limitations. Therefore, each step can be customized. If additional data gathering is needed, our team can lead and support qualitative and quantitative research that will make the findings and recommendations free of flaws and actionable. 

Any engagement begins with a 2-4 hour working session to align on project goals, inventory and assess the existing data and assets available for the project and discuss foundational research that may be needed preceding the stage of the Specific Methodology. At each stage, your organization will be closer to achieving the growth you desire.

Once the research and reports are done, we’ll present to your internal stakeholders and key vendors as needed. If desired, we’ll stay engaged to help prepare, review or support efforts based on the findings, acting as your partner every step of the way. Is your brand ready to get specific?

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