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Under Think It – A Marketing Strategy Guidebook for Everyone

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Strategy is just full of five syllable nonsense words. Shouldn’t it be the beating heart of an ad agency or marketing team? But it can’t be if no one understands it.

Adam Pierno’s first book looks at how strategy can be simplified and effective. So much work pumps through the team that there’s little time for training. Plus, people on the inside have been making it overly complicated for years. For those trying to break into strategy or improve at the craft, (and it is a craft) there’s no way to learn – besides getting thrown in the fire or flailing on piddly starter assignments.

Finally, someone has put together a comprehensive set of tools for planners and strategists that won’t bore you to sleep. The book has been read and recognized around the world for Pierno’s simple and straightforward message – stop making it so complicated. Get back to basics and don’t over think it.

Since publication in 2017, Under Think It has been taught in universities including Northern Arizona University, Syracuse University, Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina and more.

Praise for Under Think It


Mark Pollard, Sweatheat, Mighty Jungle

“I totally dig Under Think It. Practical, true, easy to get your arms around. Bravo!”

Jay Baer

“I love this as a reminder to not fall into the trap of overthinking and clouding our points in business speak and bullshit!”

Shane O’Leary, GroupM

Specific, book, Pierno

Specific – How brands draw inspiration from a world that doesn’t want any more

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Adam Pierno’s second book focuses on brands in an environment awash with choice. People have more ways to spend their attention and more ways to ignore things they don’t like. Most mass brands are still operating against a mass message strategy.

People don’t care about brands. They prefer brands over other brands when making a choice. They care about accomplishing a task or fulfilling a need. And they are rarely spending energy thinking about your brand.

Brands that make sense today can learn lessons from pop culture: music, film, memes, social media. Why do creators in these media continue to reach passionate fans and create ideas that spread? The answer is specific.

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