It’s Adam. I’m planning a light weight version of the show that I can support in 2024 along with my work on In the Demo (with the one and only Farrah Bostic). I can’t do that without thoughts, ideas, questions from you, the listeners.

There’s three ways to share your thinking with me:

  1. Voice message through Spotify. It’s easy. Click here: and find the button that says “Send voice message.”
  2. Fill out a form on the podcast website, It’s right there on the homepage, go for it.
  3. The Q&A on this episode’s show notes (Spotify listeners only, which is about 10% of you).
  4. Or just email me or message me directly on LinkedIn. I’m no longer active on any other social media (even Twitter, can you believe it?), so please, just email or LinkedIn.

What topics are you interested in? What people would you love to hear from? What stories have you been turning over in your mind that you’d like to expand?

Also, please no PR pitches. I won’t be taking pitched guests in this iteration of the show.

Send in a voice message:
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