All day long, I see social posts from people who are telling me they just did something just, or right. Low level virtue signaling. You know what, though? It is better to do the right thing than the wrong thing. That’s cool. But if I may paraphrase Chris Rock: You don’t brag about something you’re supposed to do.

It’s not having the effect you want.

When a brand says, on International Women’s Day, “here is a video of women who work here and they are great,” that’s fine. But didn’t it make you wonder why they don’t post similar stuff the other 364 days of the year? Why get on board just for the day that you’re supposed to do it.

When something is ingrained in who you are, in your brand, you don’t brag about it. You might not even notice you’re doing it. It’s like breathing. You don’t tweet every time you take a breath. I hope.

Who you are, and what you think is right, happens on autopilot. If you don’t tell the world about it, do you know what happens? You still move on in your life knowing that you are the kind of person who does the right thing. Even if your Facebook followers didn’t get a reminder about it.

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